Extra Player Fees

$15 Extra Player Fees (Excludes Free Agents and Corporate Teams)

Why do we charge? Additional costs are associated with every player that steps on a field/court even if they are subs for only one game. 

How do avoid charges? Message board - pick up players from your same league night/division

Keep in mind: You may pick up a rostered player once from another team in the same league night/division/sport during the regular season. Picking up of players is not allowed in playoffs. A team is NOT allowed to “pick up” a rostered player to create a sub for any match to become over full force. For example, basketball is a 5 player format. A team cannot pick up a player for the team’s 6th spot in any match.

Why do we have a balance? Players that have signed paper waivers at a facility (offline players) or pending invites that need to be accepted or canceled

What is an offline player? A player that is not on the roster for your team, signs a paper waiver at a facility, manually added to the team roster, eligible to play with your team for the remainder of the season.

For more information on Nashville Sports Leagues team sizes and fees- Team Sizes and Fees
For more information on how to lock in your Corporate team rate: Contact Us