Mens Doubles (Paragon Mills) - Softball - Tuesday (FA) - Fall 2022

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TEAM FEE,  $69.00 per player, unlimited roster after a minimum 12 paid player spots 

  • Team payment due in full by midnight on 8/19/22
FREE AGENT$76.00 per player, free agents are placed on a team of other free agents  

LOCATION: Paragon Mills Park - 465 Benita Dr, Nashville, TN 37211*

  • 10 males
  • Double headers (2 game/night)
  • 15 scheduled games for EVERY team (regular season & playoffs)
  • All players must be 21 years of age or older
  • *Playoffs may be comprised of (1) or more divisional brackets
  • *Bracket winners will not necessarily play each other
  • NSL may combine divisions during regular season or playoffs 
  • For detailed game rules click here
  • Tuesdays, starting 8/23/22**
  • 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm start times
  • Teams supply & wear similar colored shirts or jerseys
  • Teams should bring a light or dark alternative to games to avoid conflicts
  • Top bracket champion team will be awarded prizes
  • League Terms: Click Here
  • All cancellations will be posted to two outlets: The NSL Facebook Page OR The NSL Twitter Feed 
  • If you have any additional questions or would like more information on our policies, please visit our FAQ page

*NSL reserves the right to move the league to another site based on the availability of field or a final number of teams registered. No refunds will be given if the league location is changed.  

**Potential dates of play, including but not limited to any cancellations, inclement weather, facility constraints or playoff formats. NSL reserves the right to schedule makeups and playoffs on days/nights other than regular days/nights. Start times are based on the final number of registered teams.