(WI)=Winter   (SP)=Spring   (SU)=Summer  (FA)=Fall

Below you will find a list of all upcoming leagues with their current registration status and the schedule for the teams currently playing.

Upcoming RRegistering FAFree Agents FSold Out

Bar Olympics

Open Thursday (FA) R FA




Coed Wednesday (FA) R FA

Coed Thursday (WI)

CPA (private) Monday (FA) R  

Mens Tuesday (FA) R FA

Mens Sunday (FA) R FA



Open Monday (FA) R FA

Open Wednesday (FA) R FA



Von Elrod´s Wednesdays (FA) R FA



Flag Football

Coed Thursday (FA) R FA

Mens Tuesday (FA) R FA

Mens Thursday (FA) R FA

Mens 5v5 Turf (Vanderbilt) Sunday (FA) R FA




Coed (BG Club) Thursday (FA) R FA

Coed (Hadley) Thursday (FA) R FA

Coed (Whitfield) Thursday (FA) R  

Coed Super Social (East Park) Monday (FA) R FA

Coed Super Social (Hadley) Tuesday (FA) R FA



Coed 6v6 Tuesday (FA) R FA

Coed 6v6 Wednesday (FA) R FA

Coed 6v6 Sunday (FA) R FA

Mens 7v7 Thursday (FA) R FA

Open 11v11 Monday (FA) R  



Coed Doubles (Paragon Mills) Tuesday (FA) R  

Coed Doubles (Paragon Mills) Sunday (FA) R  

Coed Super Social Singles (West Park) Tuesday (FA) R FA

Coed Super Social Singles (West Park) Sunday (FA) R FA

Coed Super Social Singles (Whitfield) Monday (FA) R FA

Mens Doubles (Paragon Mills) Monday (FA) R  

Mens Doubles (Paragon Mills) Sunday (FA) R  

Mens Rec Singles (West Park) Thursday (FA) *NEW* R FA



Brunch, Set, Spike! Volleyball Tournament Saturday R  

Chili Bowl Coed Flag Football Tournament R  

Downtown Partnership Tug of War Challenge Thursday (9/13) R  

Jingle Balls: Kickin´ It With Claus Kickball Tournament R FA



Ultimate Frisbee

Coed Monday (FA) R FA




Brunch, Set, Spike! Tournament Saturday R  

Quickie Sand 4v4 SandBar Friday (FA II) R FA

Super Social Sand 6v6 SandBar Sunday (FA) R FA