Below you will find a list of all upcoming leagues with their current registration status and the schedule for the teams currently playing.

(WI)=Winter   (SP)=Spring   (SU)=Summer  (FA)=Fall  (LFA)=Late Fall

Upcoming RRegistering FAFree Agents FSold Out


Top Golf Wednesdays (LFA) R FA

Yazoo Brewing Company Thursdays (FA) R FA


Flag Football

Mens Thursday (FA) R FA

Mens 5v5 Sunday (FA) R FA



Coed (West Park) Sunday (FA) Evening R FA




Coed 6v6 Sunday (FA) F  



Playing RRegistering FAFree Agents FSold Out


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Coed Wednesday (FA)  

Mens Sunday (FA) R FA

CPA (private) Monday (FA)  

Mens Tuesday (FA)  




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Open Monday (FA) R  

Open Wednesday (FA)  



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Top Golf Wednesdays (FA)  



Flag Football

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Coed Thursday (FA) R FA

Mens Tuesday (FA) R FA



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Coed (BG Club) Wednesday (FA)  

Coed (BG Club) Thursday (FA)  

Coed (East Park) Monday (FA) Social  

Coed (East Park) Tuesday (FA)  

Coed (Hadley Park) Tuesday (FA) Social  

Coed (Hadley Park) Thursday (FA)  

Coed (Whitfield Park) Wednesday (FA) Social R FA

Coed (Whitfield Park) Thursday (FA)  



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Coed 6v6 Tuesday (FA)  

Coed 6v6 Wednesday (FA)  

Mens 7v7 Thursday (FA) R FA

Open 11v11 Monday (FA) R FA




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Coed Doubles (West Park) Wednesday (FA)  

Coed Singles (Paragon Mills) Wednesday (FA)  

Coed Singles (Paragon Mills) Thursday (FA)  

Coed Singles (West Park) Social Tuesday (FA)  

Coed Singles (West Park) Social Monday (FA)  

Coed Singles (West Park) Social Sunday (FA)  

Mens Doubles (Paragon Mills) Sunday (FA) R FA

Mens Singles (West Park) Social Thursday (FA)  


Ultimate Frisbee

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Coed Monday (FA) R FA




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Sand 4v4 (Centennial Park) Sunday (FA)  

Sand 2v2 (Centennial Park) Friday (FA)  

Sand 4v4 (Centennial Park) Friday (FA)  

Sand 4v4 (Hooters) Thursday (FA)  

Sand 4v4 (SandBar) Monday (FA)  

Sand 6v6 (Centennial) Sunday (FA) Social  

Sand 6v6 (Hooters) Wednesday (FA)  

Sand 6v6 (SandBar) Monday (FA) Social  

Sand 6v6 (SandBar) Tuesday (FA)  

Sand 6v6 (SandBar) Wednesday (FA)