Team Sizes and Fees

Team Sizes and Fees
We’ll outline how our fees are structured, how to pay and what the roster minimums and maximums are.

Free Agent Registration
Free Agent registration is comprised of a single participant or small group. In the case of a small group we can place friends or co-workers together if a request is made during the registration process. To make your request simply place your requested teammates first and last name in the comment section of the registration form.

Team Registration
A captain has the ability to pay the entire team fee or split it up so that each player on the team can pay his/her portion. The captain may pay the entire team fee by simply placing the appropriate amount in the payment field under the TEAM PAYMENT (INDIVIDUAL): section of the registration form.

Corporate teams
Companies often times need an unlimited amount of players. For NSL’s corporate team incentives please email

Team size
Each sport has a team size. The team size is the minimum number of roster spots that are required to be paid. Once a player signs/accepts either the online roster/waiver form OR signs a waiver/roster form at the facility (“offline”) they count toward the roster size, even if they do not play again. Players cannot be “replaced” once they are on a team (ALL players must sign digitally or offline before playing). If a team needs FREE AGENTS added please email and we will find players for you. Any player placed by NSL on non-free agent teams will be charge the free agent fee and that amount minus a $10 admin fee will be credited to the team.

Sports Format & (coed ratio | M/F) Roster Minimum
Basketball Men's 5v5 10
Basketball Coed (3/2) 10
Bowling 4-player  4
Cornhole 2 player 2
Flag Football Men's 5v5 8
Flag Football Men's 7v7 10
Flag Football Coed 6v6 (4/2) 10
Kickball Coed 10v10 (6/4) 12
Soccer Futsal 5v5 Coed (3/2) 10
Soccer Futsal 5v5 Men's 10
Soccer Coed 6v6 (4/2) 11
Soccer Men's 7v7 12
Soccer Open 11v11 17
Softball Coed 10v10 (7/3) 12
Softball Men's 10v10 12
Ultimate Frisbee Coed 7v7 (5/2) 10
Volleyball Coed 2v2 (1/1) 2
Volleyball Coed 4v4 (2/2) 4
Volleyball Coed 6v6 (3/3) 6